My Journey, the Legacy

The journey of embracing sustainability

7/24/20231 min read

Featured image credit: pixabay, Canva

Although I grew up in a bustling big city, I was incredibly fortunate to have a nature-loving grandfather by my side. His passion for the outdoors allowed me to experience the beauty of nature amidst the urban sprawl. We shared a profound bond through our love for nature. Together, we transformed every available space, from tiny pots to our humble garden, into a lush haven by cultivating a rich tapestry of plants and flowers. Our shared passion extended beyond our backyard, as we had trips to the mountains and seaside, exploring the wonders of nature with awe and wonder.

I began a new chapter in my life by moving to another vibrant city for university . Following my graduation, I got married, and had children. My passion for homemade meals and my love for organic food have remained constant in my life. When my children reached the ages 9 and 3, I began to long for the beauty and tranquility of nature. Luckily, my husband shared my passion for nature, which brought us even closer together. It was at that moment when we turned a new page in our lives and made the decision to move to a house with a garden, granting us the opportunity to grow some of our own food.

My life is driven by a profound passion for minimal consumption, recycling, gardening, cooking, and constantly seeking eco-friendly alternatives to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Every small change we make accumulates to create a significant impact, for a greener , more sustainable future.

My grandfather's profound influence has left a lasting mark on my life, and I eagerly look forward to embodying the same positive impact on my future grandchildren. A friendly reminder: Eco-friendly living doesn't require perfection, and being sustainable can be challenging. It's okay to take baby steps towards a greener lifestyle and every small effort counts. For the moment, lets inspire eachother and take action for a sustainable future.

With Love,